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Settle the turmoil within & the chaos outside shall get addressed

Its not very uncommon to hear someone say that life is too chaotic & many a times they are just unable to cope with the chaos leading to a sense of being overwhelmed; When this feeling of being overwhelmed deepens then many experience a state of mind called "burnout".

Its very common in most advanced countries for a large section of the working population to have experienced a burnout. Many of these countries even have the subsequent treatment covered by Insurance. Increasing cases of burnout causes a drain on the economy, as productivity starts sagging.

But now increasingly this 'burnout' phenomenon is finding its mention in the corridors of the schools of the world, where youngsters even in their pre-teens are going through this trauma. The treatment is limited to counselling & in more severe cases medication!

The real cause of this debilitating phenomenon remains completely ignored viz. the turmoil within!

The 'turmoil within' could be caused due to:

- a persisting undesirable situations in the professional as well as personal lives. The endless desire(s) to find/possess someone/something more compatible/attractive, the insatiable urge to be better than the others at the work place, etc.

- Or the turmoil within could be due to the fear of losing something/someone we cherish dearly;

- Even if everything is ok, there could be turmoil with due to the conditioning of being Anxious, wherein a person could have a nagging sense of something about to go wrong, even though nothing like that may happen;

- Having feelings of animosity, hatred or ill will towards others, due to whatever reason is another major reason for adding to the turmoil within.

One may consume any amount of alcohol or any other intoxicant, but after the effect of that intoxicant wears off the turmoil shall have to be faced again and an individual might become dependent on one or more of such intoxicants to 'forget' the chaos in their life, little realizing that what they are doing is akin to dousing a fire by sprinkling it with petrol; The Fire shall only get worse, creating more havoc!

What would be the way out of such a seemingly hopeless situation?

To overcome the turmoil in the external life, one would have to turn inwards and acquire the ability to find that 'safe harbor' within to whither the storms of life, without getting 'damaged' by those 'storms'.

It takes a lot patience & diligence to be able to find that 'safe harbor' within, which once found can be of immense utility for the entire life, if one is able to remain persistent with the 'journey within'.

What is your excuse for not starting the 'journey within'?

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