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Apoorva has been practicing 
- Vipassana Meditation since 1996

- Marma healing since 2016
- Ayurvedic principles since 2010

- Yoga/Pranayam for 40+ yrs
Beginning with meditation, he reversed Sciatica and chronic lower back pain (after 5+ yrs of suffering), in a mere 08 days. Thereafter, aided by Ayurveda, went on to reverse (so called) Mouth Cancer, and 3rd degree Meniscus tear….such experiences gave him clear insights about the efficacy of holistic traditional Indian disciplines for the so called 'incurable ailments'.
Using these insights gained from his own experiences, he started offering the healing to friends & family and gradually to others as well.
He offers personalized Life Coaching and Health coaching to enable breakthroughs in any aspect of life. 
Apoorva has delivered talks & conducted workshops across India, Bhutan & Europe. His audiences have included monks, nuns, priests, diplomats, government officials, CEOs, psychologists, army/police officials, educators, students, inmates & caregivers of deaddiction centers, juvenile homes, old age homes, etc.
As Adjunct Faculty with the Indian School of Hospitality, he designed & facilitated a special Course for post graduate students, to enable a life of enhanced Awareness.

He currently heads Cerebral Solutions which provides executive search services & soft-skills training to corporates and govt. 
Apoorva has also visualized, designed and co-authored a series of books on Value Education, "Happiness – a Treasure within", currently prescribed for pre-teen pupils in various schools across India.
He is the Founder Trustee of Kshema Path Trust - a charitable organization focused on the upliftment of the marginalized sections of society.

Apoorva facilitates daily online Meditation sessions, since outbreak of Covid-19 and has offered more than 5,000 sessions (as on January 2024) completely in the “gift” culture, to participants from India, China, Vietnam, France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, UK, USA, Canada & Africa.


There is a complete belief in the dictum -

"Volition is the single most decisive aspect of every action of the Doer".


This writer believes in approaching all his offerings with a volition of adding value to the lives of others, because when one's intention is to offer value addition to other lives, then whatever one does becomes a Service to humanity and the facilitator gains tremendously in that process of 'giving'. 


To serve as many people as possible by adding value to their lives, enabling them to live free from dependence on any medication / unwholesome substance / unwholesome conditioning, which would lead to a more meaningful life, full of energy & purpose.

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