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Mind creates Matter (2)

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”

– Gautam Buddha

Understanding the importance of MIND in being responsible for every aspect of our life, including the multiple chronic ailments that one has.

About FIVE+ years leading upto 1996, this writer went through a highly stressful phase, which had resulted in a severe lower back problem leading to excruciating Sciatica pain. This problem prevented him from sitting on any elevated seat for more than 15-20 mts, after which he had to walk around & do some stretching for the back as advised by the Physio.

Till then he had tried all possible modes of treatment including Allopathy, homeopathy, magnetotherapy, acupressure, physiotherapy, Yoga, etc, but nothing had worked.

Doctors had told him that he would have to learn to live with this problem for the rest of his life!

Additionally, he had damaged the meniscus in his right knee while practicing Martial arts in college, which prevented him from crossing his right leg even for a minute!

In such a condition he went for his first Meditation retreat in November 1996, wherein he was required to sit on a cushion & meditate in silence for 10+ hours everyday. The initial 4 days were extremely torturous to say the least, as a person like him who could not sit on any elevated seat, had to sit on the ground for 10+ hours a day!

By the 5th day he was able to take a deep dive within the Mind & actually see the Matter that his Mind had çreated' across the body, especially around the lower back where the pain was most intense; There were thick clusters of matter around the most painful areas.

Gradually, he learnt how to remain dispassionate witness to these highly painful clusters, which gradually lead to their dissipation. By the 8th day, he could not only sit for an hour without moving, he could even cross his legs & remain still for the entire duration!

This was nothing short of a miracle for a person who had been told that he would have to reconcile towards living a life full of pain & restrictions.

By the end of the retreat, his body felt that it completely ópened up' and he felt that he could do somersaults (which he had done only in the pool) or anything else that he set his mind to.

It was nothing short of a Rebirth for him!

Insight #1 - The TRUTH shall set you FREE

For this writer the pain & the cause for it seemed to be forever, but with direct experience he was able to see the truth, which enabled him to eradicate the cause of the pain right from the roots, thus setting him free from the torture that he had to undergo for more than 5 years. The feeling of being free is very tangible, wherein one feels that countless bondages that were keeping him tied up, had been broken.

Insight #2 - This liberating TRUTH has to be experienced first hand

This truth which set him free, has to be experienced first hand, it cannot be experienced by reading books, listening to podcasts or watching videos; These activities can motivate a person to start a Practice of looking within, but by themselves they shall not suffice to any meaningful experience. Such a Practice, requires a lot of diligence & patience to be fruitful.

Insight #3 - Look within the Mind OR find an alternative

Having a basic appreciation of the critical role played by the Mind in our lives, would propel a wise person to commence a Practice which would enable him/her to undertake the Journey within and experience first hand this reality of Mind creating Matter. This journey within would enable them to cleanse the Matter that is causing multiple chronic ailments. That said, it must be mentioned that in many cases the ability to see this TRUTH may take a while to manifest, as it takes a lot of patient perseverance to start experiencing this.

Till then, would a patient with chronic ailments continue to suffer or continue taking allopathy medicine, which rarely ever cure an ailment from the roots, but in the long run only end up creating secondary complications? Answer is an emphatic NO!

Till such time that you are able to develop the ability to look within, you could make use of our MARMA healing

This would enable you to not only get substantial relief, but in most cases reverse your chronic ailment.

Mind it

However, if you feel that you may not have the time or the inclination to undertake the journey within then do reach out to us, so that we can address your Chronic (so called incurable) Ailments using holistic practices like MARMA therapy, etc.

Don't wait for another day, do contact us Now, so that you could commence your healing journey & enjoy a vibrant existence.

Please do leave a comment before you go.

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