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Reverse chronic ailments without medication & experience a Vibrant existence

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Welcome to My Blog for living an Energized life

Experience a Vibrant existence by reversing chronic ailments
Vibrant Existence

VIBRANT EXISTENCE is founded by Apoorva LOCHAN, who has had extensive experience with various ancient Indian practices like Meditation (since 1996), Yoga/Pranayama (40+yrs), Ayurveda aligned healing (since 2010) which includes the most important and highly versatile technique of MARMA healing (since 2016).

Having turned around his life after facing multiple health challenges including Mouth Cancer, excruciating Sciatica, 3rd degree Meniscus tear, etc. all without any inorganic medication (read Modern medicine), he has been using the insights gained from his own journey to offer Holistic healing to those living a less than an optimal life due to various chronic ailments (including Auto immune disorders), dependent on regular medication.

A medication centered approach to lead a healthy life, actually makes a person dependent on medication, which in the mid to long term creates secondary complications for which more medication is required, whilst the original ailment continues as it is (best case scenario). Such medication over a period of time diminishes the possibility of living an energized life, as the quality of life gradually declines remaining completely at the mercy of these medicines, which just tend to increase in their dosage/strength with passage of time.


The Holistic approach that we take, involves understanding the Mental state first as it is the Mind which is at the root of all ailments (as per Ayurveda); Thereafter the blockages in the subtle channels of the body are opened using Marma healing, complimented by detox using Pranayama, specific foods (& herbs), Mudras & lifestyle changes. As these blockages get opened, the flow of energy starts resuming & the ailment(s) start to reverse, as the body increasingly becomes capable of attaining Homeostasis, a healthy body starts manifesting again and anyone can reverse chronic ailments & experience a Vibrant existence.

Thereafter, our clients are hand held to understand the changes that they need to incorporate in their life to maintain such an energized life.

reverse chronic ailments using MARMA healing
MARMA healing for reversing chronic ailments

Our USP:

the Holistic approach that we take towards reversing various dis-ease, which is enabled due to an exceptional understanding of the mental processes, combined with an excellent understanding of the ancient natural therapies/techniques needed to reverse chronic ailments & experience a Vibrant existence.

If you are wanting to experience a vibrant existence FREE from AILMENTS, FREE from MEDICATION, then take a leap of faith & connect with us without wasting any more time or energy, because Life is indeed short & you owe it to yourself to live every moment in an energized state.

Why wait?

More insights shall be shared through this Blog in future.

Till then please feel free to know more/ leave a message by visiting

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