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Mind creates Matter (1)

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

You have probably read this phrase earlier, but have you experienced it yourself to confirm its veracity?

The impact of the above phrase is most critical in the context of various ailments that mankind suffers from.

As per ancient Indian wisdom almost all ailments are psycho-somatic viz. their roots lie in the Mind. In fact, the ancient healing science of India - Ayurveda, goes as far as to say that all disease has its roots in the Mind, which implies that the seeds of disease is first sown in the 'soil' of the Mind, thereafter it manifests in the body.

Even if we assume that this may be partially true and only half of all ailments are caused due to the infirmities of the Mind, it is highly significant, as more than half of the medication consuming population (worldwide), for different ailments, is not addressing the root cause, but just the symptoms which are manifesting.

This is akin to a sick tree whose roots are diseased, due to which the various parts of the tree viz. the leaves, fruits, branches, etc are showing the symptoms of being diseased. The person looking after the tree continues to spray some medicines/chemicals on the leaves, fruits, etc, but does ignores the diseased roots, which is where the origin of the disease lies and if addressed appropriately, would make the tree healthy again.

Holistic Health approach used at Vibrant Existence, goes to the root of the problem & after understanding the same addresses it Organically using Marma healing, Nature aligned Nutrition, Herbs & Pranayama for detox/rejuvenation, etc.

(More about the process by which the Mind creates Matter leading to various health conditions, in the next Blog)

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