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Valued Feedback

This opportunity by Shri Apoorvaji of  daily practice has  motivated  me to practice whenever I have  time and peaceful state of mind. Over the period I realized that because meditation is a practice in focusing our attention and being aware of when it drifts, has actually improved my focus when I am not meditating, as well. It’s lasting effects are evident when occasionally these sensations are being felt at the time of praying or working. This happens on its own without any  efforts.  This made me realize that  body sensations already exist in our body ,we need to focus to be aware of it.
As I understand, as long as we are focused  in meditation we are neither craving nor having any aversion  and probably not creating any Sanskar.I feel this technique must be practiced more and more by people to ignore their distractions and improve performance,

Mrs Neeta Rastogi - Educator

President's Award recipient 

Delhi, INDIA

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