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Life is meant to be lived in a state of high energy, regardless of the challenges faced by us, yet many are unable to do that.

Most people find themselves low on energy during the 'downs' of Life & increasingly this becomes a pattern and leads to constant depletion of energy, leading to various ailments - chronic & acute, including various auto immune disorders, which makes the affected individual turn to inorganic medication that seems to offer relief immediately, but fails to address the root cause of the ailment.  Over time there is a dependence on such medication, which not only leads to enhanced dosage, but also secondary complications which would also require additional medication. 

Thus a vicious cycle, involving medication starts, which far from addressing the root cause of the ailment, ends up giving rise to further ailments, in effect, leading to an undesirable state of existence which is marked by low energy. 

At Vibrant Existence, we believe in a natural, holistic approach to healing chronic ailments. We combine healing therapy, health coaching, and life coaching to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We provide personalized care and attention to each of our clients to ensure they receive the best possible treatment and support.

We take cognizance of the earlier stated undesirable low energy  states & reverse such energy depleted states using holistic healing methodologies like Healing Touch, Pranayam, Ayurveda based nutrition, mudras, etc. which align the body with its natural rhythm. Such an integrated approach to healing enables the body to regain homeostasis (~a state of balance) and over a time regain health & vitality again.

Certain individuals may require hand holding for a while due to their intense challenges, for them we offer LIFE Coaching & HEALTH coaching as required, which would enable them to have greater insights about being in a state of high energy via a holistic approach to Life.

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