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Healthy assortment of yellow foods


If you are fed up of multiple health related challenges, which make you take regular medication and lead a depleted life which is low on energy, then read on.....

We offer personalized health guidance depending on your individual nature and the challenges faced.  This would include nutritional guidance (based on principles of Ayurveda), exercise guidance (yoga asana + Pranayama), Mudras and the HEALING Touch (if you are located in DELHI).

With such a holistic approach to your health, you shall be able to reverse almost any chronic ailment in due course of time.

Note: Since the MIND plays a critical role in experienced an energized existence, we highly recommend everyone to join our Daily Online Meditation sessions which are offered completely in the gift culture.



Apoorva facilitates daily online Meditation sessions, since outbreak of Covid-19 and has offered close to 4,000 sessions (in the “gift” culture), to participants from India, China, Vietnam, France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, UK, USA, Canada & Africa.

Please Message us to join these daily sessions, offered FREE with love & affection

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