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Welcome to
Vibrant Existence

Live a VIBRANT life

full of ENERGY



Life is meant to be lived in a state of high energy, regardless of the challenges faced by us, yet many are unable to do that.

Most people find themselves low on energy during the 'downs' of Life & increasingly this becomes a pattern and leads to constant depletion of energy, leading to various ailments - chronic & acute, including various auto immune disorders, which makes the affected individual turn to inorganic medication that seems to offer relief immediately, but fails to address the root cause of the ailment.  Over time there is a dependence on such medication, which not only leads to enhanced dosage, but also secondary complications which would also require additional medication. 

Thus a vicious cycle, involving medication starts, which far from addressing the root cause of the ailment, ends up giving rise to further ailments, in effect, leading to an undesirable state of existence which is marked by low energy. 

At Vibrant Existence, we believe in a natural, holistic approach to healing chronic ailments. We combine healing therapy, health coaching, and life coaching to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We provide personalized care and attention to each of our clients to ensure they receive the best possible treatment and support.

We shall live Life in this body only once, why not do it in a vibrant state of existence, remaining as energized as possible?


"To achieve vibrant health, we must increasingly approach Life with deep awareness."

- Vibrant Existence


1000s of years old and the subtlest branch of Ayurveda, highly effective for removal of blockages from the various vital points (~marmam) located on the junctions of subtlest channels of the body, allowing the flow of Life Energy (~Praana) to resume, leading to the reversal of most ailments, including the so called íncurable chronic ailments.

Healing touch is a non invasive, painless therapy given in person.

We work with you to develop a personalized plan to improve your health and well-being. We provide guidance and support, to enable you to make healthy lifestyle choices, including nutrition, exercise, and stress management.  

Health Coaching includes personalized Nutritional guidance aligned with the Nature (~prakriti) of each individual, along with a few select Asanas & Pranayama, Mudras and intake of natural herbs (as required).

HEALING TOUCH can be included in the Health guidance, if the customer is in Delhi.


You are offered insightful & patient guidance as you undertake the 'journey' to  identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

We provide direction and support to help you overcome obstacles and live a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

Our Life Coaching customers are located across India, China & Europe.

Some of the topics on which value addition can be offered via Public speaking engagements are:

-  Energizing Life

-  Importance of living a Mindful Life

-  Handling Stress & improving Productivity

-  Compassionate Leadership

-  Creating a vibrant work place

-  Life without medicines

-  Holistic Education (for Educators)

-  Transforming Education



Maharani Bagh,

New Delhi-110065, INDIA



Thanks for contacting us!

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